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Chief Instructor Hank Davenport (Pictured here on the right)
with Instructor Marilyn Sheridan (on the left).
Shomen calligraphy made for our Dojo by Gaku Homma Kancho, Aikido Nippon Kan.

Welcome to our Dojo

Some of our students

Our Dojo's mat or practice area

Hank Sensei demonstrating

Hank Sensei throwing Shiho Nage

Hank Sensei throwing - Kokyu Nage

Kokyu Nage 2

Hank Sensei teaching Ukemi - Aikido's Art of flying breakfalls

Hank and Casey - "Circles"
photo by Shannon Key

Marilyn Sensei teaching

Marilyn and Mike - Irimi Nage

Marilyn and Mike 2 - Koshi Nage (235 pounds ?)

Marilyn Sensei demonstrating a standing pin with Kirk as Uke

New blackbelt Casey - congratulations!

Hank Sensei and Casey

New brown belts Todd, William, and Shannon - congratulations!

Shannon demonstrating a throw with Kirk on her brown belt test

Class practice

Weapons practice

Outdoor practice

Our dojo was honored to host Hiroshii Kato Sensei, who came and stayed with us here for a weekend visit and seminar. Kato Sensei is among the top Aikido teachers in the world, and studied with the founder of Aikido, Morihei Usehiba O'Sensei, for more than 25 years. Kato Sensei now has more than 50 years in the art.

Davenport Sensei with Hiroshii Kato Shihan at our dojo

Kato Sensei in a weapons demonstration

Senseis Hank and Marilyn with Hiroshii Kato Sensei, 8th dan Aikikai Shihan

Future blackbelts


Mat party!