Welcome to East Texas Aikido

(above, Chief Instructor Hank Davenport and Instructor Marilyn Sheridan)

We are located in Palestine, Texas.

A little information about AIKIDO:

Aikido is a complete, powerful and effective system of self-defense and self-protection completely different from any other style of Martial Arts.

Aikido is not about punching, kicking, aggressiveness, or "fighting".

Instead, Aikido is about relaxed, deliberate and effective responses to conflict, using powerful, peaceful, humane and civilized means to neutralize conflict and to restore harmony.

Aikido classes provide a spirited, whole-body workout for men and women that is enjoyable and challenging - resulting in an improved sense of well being, self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as improved physical fitness.

In a larger sense, Aikido teaches how to meet stress with calm. Aikido students soon discover many ways to apply its principals to the non-physical conflicts of everyday life, resulting in emotional calmness, optimism and improved interpersonal relationships. Classes are non-competitive and taught in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

We are honored that our Dojo is recognized in its practice by Gaku Homma Sensei, the last live-in student of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei. Homma Sensei is the founder of the Aikido Nippon Kan Organization, and the Aikido Humanitarian Active Network, which takes the principles of Aikido "off of the mat" and into countries worldwide, in order to better the lives of the less fortunate. Homma Sensei gave our Dojo its name - "Shindokan", and he is an important part of our Dojo's origins, history, and traditions, and although Nippon Kan does not have formal "affiliations", our Dojo has connection with Homma Sensei, as he provided authorization for the Houston School of Aikido, from which our Dojo is descended, and his work and his spirit continue to provide the major inspiration for all of our practice here. Homma Sensei has authored many books with his insights into the Art of Aikido, and has been honored by many organizations for his lifelong contributions to the Martial Arts. He is a man of immense creative spirit and energy, and for his recognition, we are honored and grateful.

Hank Davenport Sensei with Gaku Homma Sensei (circa. l995)

Davenport Sensei with Luc Leoni Sensei, one of Gaku Homma Sensei's top students, and also a top student of Christian Tissier Shihan, of France.

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